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I am a Tokyo-based photographer and mother. My photography focuses on babies, children, families, and portraits.

My passion for photography started whilst taking photos of products for work, but  it did not take too long to shift to taking photos of my daughter and her friends!

It just opened up my eyes to how fast children grow up, and that we have only very limited time in which we can capture these precious moments in our lives. Capturing these moments can be a quick, but you can then look back and recall these important times in your life.

I am Japanese, but I spent a lot of my life living overseas.  The more time I spend abroad, the more I realize how interesting and beautiful Japan is. You will see that I like to incorporate this Japanese influence into my photos and photo sessions.


Whether your stay in Japan is short or long-term, professional photography is a great way to capture these moments in your family's life. ​

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